Chiro-X-Travaganza CT Chiropractic Council

President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

I commit myself to serve chiropractic and chiropractors in the state of Connecticut. I believe that the purpose of the CCC is to promote and protect our ability to provide chiropractic care, as well as the right for Connecticut citizens to receive chiropractic care at any age and for any ailment they may present with. I believe the only way to do this in our state is to go on the offense, politically-speaking. In order to do this, we need to hire and retain an attorney to protect our interests, as well as a full-time lobbyist to help us protect and promote chiropractic at the state level. To truly enact change in this state, we need to start writing bills and putting laws into effect that protect our right to effectively diagnose, detect and correct subluxations with specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments.

I promise to devote my best efforts in my two years as President and the following two years as outgoing past President to this mission. We are looking to grow the Connecticut Chiropractic Council, as there is strength in numbers. We must also fully fund our Political Action Fund. We can no longer sit idly by or beg for money at the last minute to protect or defend our profession. We need to band together now. I am reaching out to each and every one of you - if you cannot donate time, please donate money. There is a link on our homepage. Our future depends on it.

Please join our Mission!

Michael Koster, DC