Chiro-X-Travaganza CT Chiropractic Council

Our History...

The Connecticut Chiropractic Council was conceived and created for the purpose of providing a distinct forum for members of the chiropractic profession in our state. The Council serves its members with a vehicle for expression as well as the protection and safeguarding of their interests.

As attitudes and perspectives in health care have undergone dramatic transformation it has become apparent in recent years that an increasing number of chiropractors in the state were becoming disenfranchised. With these profound changes, the health care marketplace has shifted acutely, and a need was created to represent our profession in a way that is commensurate with this new paradigm.

The distinction between other state organizations is that the Council maintains as its foundation a committed adherence to the traditional views of the chiropractic profession as set forth in the original tenets.

The Council recognizes the clinical diagnostic entity, the Vertebral Subluxation Complex as the central focus of the chiropractor`s practice. The Council seeks to promote, promulgate and protect this concept, as it is what allows chiropractors to remain a profession distinct and separate from other healing arts.

The Council has created a fraternal climate in our state that is addressing the professional concerns of many additional chiropractors. A significantly greater number of doctors of chiropractic in Connecticut now have representation and expression through the Connecticut Chiropractic Council.