Chiro-X-Travaganza CT Chiropractic Council






It is the intent of the Connecticut Chiropractic Council to protect and promote the basic science, philosophy and art of chiropractic in Connecticut. It is the Council`s intent to educate the public and safeguard their right to seek the doctor of their choice. The Council is committed to serving chiropractors by keeping them informed about issues that affect their practice and the people they serve. The Council is dedicated to provide direction for the development of subluxation based chiropractic and its exposure to every citizen of the great state of Connecticut!









What an amazing time at Chiro-X-Travaganza !
Thank You to all who made it happen. Great connections
made, memories created, and laughs shared.
A weekend of excitement, fun and brotherhood.    
Bringing together the best speakers in our profession with
the hungriest and most passionate DC's in NEW ENGLAND.  

We’ll be announcing next year’s date as soon as possible! 
. . . most likely October 9 & 10 2020. 
For those who didn’t attend, we hope to see you next year!